What does the reciprocity agreement with foreign countries mean?

Q: I heard that a reciprocity agreement exists between the AVMA and foreign countries that have an AVMA-COE accredited veterinary school what does this exactly mean?
A: When a foreign school requests AVMA-COE accreditation the licensing body of that country must recognize that graduates of U.S. and Canadian AVMA-COE accredited veterinary schools have met the same educational standards as graduates of the AVMA-COE accredited school in that country. In addition those countries must apply the same licensing procedures and requirements to graduates of U.S. and Canadian AVMA-COE accredited schools wishing to practice in their country as to the graduates of AVMA-COE accredited schools in that country. In effect what this means is that U.S. and Canadian graduates can go to a foreign country, where a reciprocity agreement exists and practice veterinary medicine as long as they conform to the licensing requirements and immigration laws of that country and a graduate of an AVMA-COE accredited school in that country can come to the U.S. and practice veterinary medicine as long as they comply with the state licensing requirements and federal immigration laws. For more information on international accreditation see the Council's Policy and Procedure manual.
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