Proposed Changes to Accreditation Standards, May 2015

​Comments sought by June 20, 2015

The Council on Education annually reviews four standards in depth to ensure that the Standards of Accreditation meet the needs of the profession, students enrolled in colleges offering veterinary medical educational programs, and society. The Council recently reviewed Standards 1, Organization; 2, Finance; Standard 10, Research Programs; and Standard 11, Outcomes Assessment.
The Council has determined that no revisions are required for Standard 1, Organization and Standard 2, Finances as they are appropriate to meet the needs of the profession at this time.
The Council has proposed revisions for Standard 10, Research Programs and Standard 11, Outcomes Assessment (additions are underlined, deletions are struck through)
In accordance with the policies and procedures of the Council on Education (COE), proposed changes to the Standards of Accreditation must be submitted to the public for review, comment, and/or suggestions before final approval.
Written comments regarding Standards 10 and 11 and the proposed changes must be postmarked by (or e-mailed no later than) June 20, 2015. All comments will be forwarded to the AVMA Council on Education for consideration. Mail comments to Millie Maresh, Administrative Assistant, AVMA, 1931 N. Meacham Rd, Ste 100, Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360; e-mail