Changes to Accreditation Standards, September 2017

​The Council recently reviewed, Standard 6-Students, and Standard 9-Curriculum in response to stakeholder input. After extensive review including consideration of comments received during a period of public comment the Council on Education made revisions to:

Standard 6, Students

Standard 9, Curriculum


Rationale for revisions of Standards 6 & 9


The Council on Education received a number of comments in response to the proposed standard changes regarding the inclusion of financial literacy and career advising within the standards, which were reviewed at the Council's September 24-26, 2017 meeting. Based on comments received, the Council revised the proposed language in the standard 6 to clarify the Council's belief that students should be well-prepared to address all aspects of life within the veterinary profession and should be provided with the services to assist them to deal with the challenges, both personal and academic that veterinary students are faced with. This also includes providing the information to create student awareness of and to provide students the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding the cost of their professional education and the potential impact of student debt. .The Council revised standard 9 as the Council believes that graduates of a veterinary medical educatonal program would have the opportunity to develop an understanding of and to develop personal and business financial management skills. The development of these skills will better equip graduates to manage business and personal finance regardless of their career path in veterinary medicine.

The Council also listed items to be included in the self-study to assist the Council in assessing compliance with the revised Standards.