AVMA Clinical Research Award

Nominations for this award are currently closed.

Established in 1955 by the Council on Research, the AVMA Clinical Research Award is given annually to a veterinarian in recognition of his or her achievements in patient-oriented research, including the study of mechanisms of disease, therapeutic interventions, clinical trials, development of new technologies, and epidemiological studies.  This award will be presented to an active AVMA member who has made significant contributions to the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of diseases in animals.  The honoree will receive $2,500 and a crystal award, which will be presented at the Merial NIH National Veterinary Scholars Symposium.  

Nomination and Selection Procedures

No self-nominations will be considered.

Nominations must include:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Cover letter from the nominator, including:
    • Significant research achievements of the nominee
    • Name of the award
    • Name, mailing address, telephone number(s), email address, and college and year of graduation of the nominee
    • Nature of the nominee's current professional activity and professional activity when the research was completed and published (type of practice or type of salaried work)
    • Organizational memberships (professional and scientific) of the nominee
    • 300- to 320-word narrative sketch of the nominee's professional background
    • Statement pertaining to the nominee's qualifications for the award, including the nature of the nominee's research project(s)
  • Concise curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee, including a listing of relevant publications.
  • If available, a reprint of the most significant publication.

Nominations for this award will open in Fall 2017.

Questions? Email avma-awards@avma.org.

2012-2015 No Award Given
2011 Dr. Dominic Marino, Plainview, NY
2010 Dr. Timothy McCarthy, Beaverton, OR
2009 Dr. William Liska, Houston, TX
2008 No Award Given
2007 No Award Given
2006 Dr. Robyn E. Elmslie of Englewood, CO
2005 Dr. Lee Morgan, Washington, DC
2004 Dr. James C. Clement, NC
2003 Dr. David C. Bucholtz, MI
2002 Dr. Gregory A. Inskeep, IN
2001 No Award Given
2000 No Award Given
1999 Dr. H. Steve Conboy, KY
1998 Dr. Scott A. Dee, MN
1997 Dr. Thomas C. Bohanon, CO