Human Resources

In a veterinary practice, your staff can make – or break – your business. Finding, and keeping, the right staff is critical to your practice’s success.

Hiring & Compensation  

Veterinary Career Center

 The AVMA Veterinary Career Center (VCC) is a niche online job board for veterinary professional and support staff needs with openings in many fields of the veterinary profession. Post a job or search resumes to find the right candidate for your operation

Veterinary Salary Calculator

Benchmark veterinary salaries for workers in private clinical, public and/or corporate practice. Available exclusively to AVMA members.

AVMA Report on Veterinary Practice Business Measures

This report covers a broad range of business data related to practice management and includes a section on staff wages.

Staff Management & Training

Tools to Strengthen Your Veterinary Team

You can take steps to improve your staff’s satisfaction, regardless what your workplace looks like. Use these tools to help improve the culture in your workplace, increase staff satisfaction and well-being, and ultimately build a stronger and more successful team.

Harassment and Discrimination-Free Workplace (AVMA model policy)

Our model policy is intended as a starting point for member veterinarians to develop a policy assuring employees that your organization is committed to preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Practice Management and Staff Training Handbooks

We have a wide range of booklets that you can use to train staff in a wide range of areas, from interacting with clients and other veterinary team members, to instilling and maintaining a positive attitude.

Pregnant Workers' Veterinary Facility Occupational Risks (AVMA policy)

Refer to the AVMA's policy on Veterinary Facility Occupational Risks for Pregnant Workers to help guide your practice's efforts to to minimize risk exposure and ensure a safe workplace.

Trainees and Volunteers in Veterinary Practice (Guidelines for Use)

The opportunity for students and others to experience the veterinary profession as a volunteer or trainee is beneficial to both the individual and the profession. However, labor laws require veterinary establishments closely follow the law when these positions are offered without pay.