Clinic Posters & Client Handouts

Trying to get a certain message across to clients? From preventive care to cold and hot weather, AVMA’s posters and client handouts can help. Post these in exam rooms or your waiting area, or hand them to clients for one-on-one reading – or both! – to help improve your clients’ understanding of the important care you give their animals. As an added bonus, we also have a back-of-house poster to help remind your staff about proper pharmaceutical disposal.

Pet Care

Declaw... or Not?

Declaw… or Not?Conversations about declawing can be difficult. We hope to make it easier with our “Declaw… or Not?” client handout, covering everything from scratching as normal behavior, alternatives to declawing, and declawing as a major surgery that requires aggressive pain management under the care of an experienced veterinarian.




What to Expect After Your Pet's Vaccination

What to Expect after Your Pet's VaccinationClients often are concerned about how their pet may react to vaccines. What's normal and what's a sign of a problem? This handout, available only to AVMA members, helps educate your clients on what they can expect and when they should call you.






Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership posterThis poster, available in both Spanish and English, is a striking visual reminder of the responsibility people have for their pets’ well-being. A larger, glossy version is available for purchase in our online store, but AVMA members can download this 8.5" x 11" PDF to print for free.

Color poster
Black-and-white poster

Color poster
Black-and-white poster


Pets Age Faster than People

Pets Age Faster than People posterThis downloadable poster, which doubles as a client handout, will educate clients about the aging process for pets and the importance of preventive healthcare exams. A large, glossy version of the poster is available for sale in our store, but the 8.5" x 11" PDF is downloadable for free by AVMA members.




Preventive Pet Healthcare

Preventive Pet Healthcare posterFrom dental care to preventing obesity and early disease detection, this downloadable 8.5" x 11" poster gives your clients a constant reminder of the value of preventive care. Available to AVMA members only.






Safe Use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories

NSAID Safety flyerNSAIDs are some of the most commonly prescribed medications, yet many owners are unaware of the risks and what they can do to keep their pet safe. Our flyer explaining these medications, available to AVMA members only, provides pet owners with an overview of the risks and the safe use of NSAIDs. The flyer is designed as a client handout, and includes room for your clinic logo or stamp.



Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza Client HandoutCanine influenza isn't seasonal like human flu. An outbreak can occur at any time. When it does, you'll want to have this canine influenza handout on hand to help clients understand the illness and how best to protect their pets.






Ebola and Pets

Ebola Exposure FlowchartAs the U.S. public becomes more concerned about the possible effects of Ebola virus on pets, they’ll have questions for you. We have two handouts to help, both for AVMA members only.



Client Brochures

Professional-quality brochures created by the AVMA cover everything from cancer and rabies to choosing a new pet. See our full selection of client brochures in the AVMA Store, where AVMA members receive pricing discounts up to 20%.


Animal Safety

Cold Weather Pet Safety

Cold Weather Pet Safety posterWe all know the dangers that cold weather can pose to pets. But do your clients? Our cold weather pet safety poster, available to AVMA members only, can serve as a conversation starter in your clinic – and help you make winter safety a top-of-mind concern for clients.






Pets in Cars

Pets in Cars posterWe have two posters to help educate your clients about car safety for their pets: one to warn against leaving pets in hot cars, the other about using pet restraints such as seat belts.






Emergency Contact Cards

Emergency Contact CardsRemind your clients to prepare in advance to keep their pets and livestock safe in a natural disaster or emergency. We have both clinic posters and emergency contact cards to help.








Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety posterMake sure your clients know how to protect their pets on this scary holiday with our downloadable Halloween safety checklist. Available only to AVMA members, it's suitable for either handing to clients or posting on waiting room and exam room walls.





Winter Holidays - Pet Safety

7 Holiday Pet Dont's posterThe winter holidays can be fun and festive, but they also can be risky for pets. Our Holiday Pet DON’Ts poster offers a humorous reminder about some of the risks, and can serve as a good conversation starter for clients to ask you questions.






Veterinarians and the Veterinary Care Team

Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

VCPR posterMake sure your clients understand the basis – and value – of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). Our downloadable VCPR poster can be posted on your clinic walls to remind clients how important it is for them to maintain their strong relationship with you.




Client Brochure: Disposing of Unwanted Medicine

Disposing Unwanted Meds brochureEducate clients about what they should do with their expired and unwanted prescriptions. Our brochure on proper medication disposal is available for free download by AVMA members only.




Staff Information

Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal

Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal poster/flyerPerfect for hanging in back-office areas of your clinic to educate and remind staff how to handle unwanted pharmaceuticals, this two-sided PDF poster/flyer offers both an eye-catching pictorial step-by-step and detailed information for educating staff. Available to AVMA members only.