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2013 U.S. Veterinary Workforce Study

In response to AVMA member desires for reliable information about the status of the veterinary profession, the AVMA Executive Board commissioned a study of the current and future supply of and demand for veterinarians and veterinary services by employment sector and geographic region, and established the AVMA Workforce Advisory Group (WAG) to oversee the study.
The overall goal of the study was to provide relevant veterinary workforce information to veterinarians, prospective veterinary students, educational institutions, and policymakers. Integral to this effort was the development of a computer simulation model of the veterinary workforce that could be used to estimate future supply and demand under alternative scenarios and allow the AVMA to periodically update projections as additional information became available.
In reviewing the report, the Workforce Advisory Group identified 11 important implications of the study and developed recommendations for future actions. The workforce study (PDF) and the WAG report (PDF) will also be available as epublications (in a number of Ereader-friendly formats) in the near future. 

For more information, read the JAVMA News article about the reports.

'A Short History of Veterinary Workforce Analyses,' by Mike Dicks, describing a profession in constant change over the past century as new challenges appeared.

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