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The 2016 Veterinary Economic Report subscription series provides the most current and vitally important veterinary economics information to veterinarians and others with a stake in the veterinary profession’s success.

Prepared by AVMA’s Veterinary Economics Division, the four-report series explores the many facets of veterinary economics, and will help veterinarians better understand the markets they operate in and the factors that affect their livelihood. The reports, to be released individually over the course of 2016, are must-reads for anyone invested in the profession.

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A free PDF download is available to all AVMA members and SAVMA members and also available in print at a discounted member price. The report series is also available for purchase to all non-AVMA members. Executive summaries of each report will be made available, free of charge, as each report is published.



AVMA Report on Veterinary Markets

Available March 2016
This recap of the 2015 AVMA Economic Summit provides information and data about general economic conditions, the market for veterinary education, the market for veterinarians, the market for veterinary services and workforce capacity utilization. This information is critical to have an informed veterinary profession and authoritative discussions about the state of the veterinary markets.

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The AVMA & AAVMC Report on the Market for Veterinary Education

Available April 2016
We surveyed veterinarians across the country and across the profession to get a better understanding of employment, unemployment and underemployment in the profession, as well as the factors affecting each. You'll find the results in this second installment of our four-part series.

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AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinarians

Available October 2016
Ever wonder where 100,000 plus veterinarians are located, what type of work they do, how much they are compensated, or what factors contribute to explaining differences in incomes? This report will provide in-depth information on the demographics of the profession.

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Available October 2016

AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinary Services

Available November 2016
Is it oversupply or excess capacity? It's excess capacity, and this report covers excess capacity in detail, from rising prices to the increasing numbers of new veterinarians, the sources of excess capacity are analyzed. This report explores descriptive statistics for capacity utilization, the factors affecting capacity utilization, and includes our excess capacity forecast.

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Available November 2016