Time-saving Tools for Your Veterinary Practice

SAVE TIME with AVMA's marketing tools designed to help you easily share high-quality information with your clients:

Client education materials

Whether you need a handhout on parvovirus to educate your clients in the office or information on cancer in animals for your website, we have you covered. Browse our large selection of client education materials. Most titles are also available in Spanish.

Social media content

No need to come up with your own content. We encourage members to utilize our social media content for your veterinary practice or business needs. 

Website widgets

Easily update your website content with our embedabble widgets, such as the popular pet food recall widgets or the dog bite prevention infographics.

RSS feeds 

We offer an array of RSS Feeds to help you stay up-to-date. You can utilize these feeds to automatically update your own website with relevant and useful information for pet owners and clients, including AVMA Animal Tracks, a weekly podcast series provided for pet owners featuring pet health and safety tips from some of the leading veterinary experts in the United States