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Join the Veterinary Career Center for a live webinar on June 5 to earn CE credit while learning about One Health and what it means for veterinarians.
AVMA leaders joined other veterinary professionals at the recent American Telemedicine Association Conference to ensure our members remain at the cutting edge of telehealth and telemedicine.
Depopulation guidelines, care for underserved populations, and upgrades to the AVMA website were among the topics addressed by the AVMA Board of Directors at its April meeting.
Jam band O.A.R. will be the headline act for a concert for AVMA Convention 2018 attendees in Denver's Sculpture Park. Advance registration pricing is in effect until May 23 for the conference, and we have tools to help you convince your boss that you should attend.
Drs. Charles Lemme and Melanie Marsden will join the AVMA Board of Directors in July after being elected by members in Districts 7 and 9, respectively.


Attendees of the AVMA's annual legislative fly-in learned about the policymaking process
The AVMA's guidance on emergency animal depopulation is in editing following a draft's approval.
Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat, and the AVMA is advocating for development of new drugs that would help protect humans and animals.
The AVMA opposes a legislative amendment that would remove liability for energy companies that unintentionally kill migratory birds.
The AVMA has granted full recognition to the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Exotic Companion Mammal specialty
The AVMA Board of Directors, while meeting April 5-6, approved the new "AVMA Policy on Global Food Security."
Recognizing an aversion to vaccination among some members of the public and concerned that some veterinarians are advocating dosing of vaccines that
The AVMA has revised the policy "Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Education" to balance the emphasis placed on
The AVMA has revised the policy "Tail Docking of Cattle" to provide for the procedure to be done under guidance of a veterinarian via telemedicine.
The AVMA Board of Directors, at meetings from November 2017 through April 2018, named the following individuals to the entities indicated,



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