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Join us for live webinars on team retention, talking about raw diets, and transforming your practice with big data. All three events are free for AVMA and SAVMA members, $25 for all others.
The number of veterinary practices in the United States has been growing each year, with the biggest growth in large practices. The trend is related to consolidation, as our newest Chart of the Month shows.
We’re looking forward to welcoming Dr. Deborah Thomson of California to our Washington office this fall to begin a year of advocacy work in support of veterinary medicine.
U.S. Department of Education staff recommended renewing the AVMA Council on Education’s recognition as accrediting body for veterinary medical education. Meanwhile, the COE has approved changes to two educational standards.
We’re thrilled to be able to resume sponsoring health insurance coverage for some small-business members. Enrollment is open for eligible employers in nine states, and we're moving aggressively to expand coverage.
Check the Chip Day is August 15. Our member toolkit helps you remind clients of the value of microchipping, and the importance of keeping chip registry information up to date.
These new online CE courses are now available for 24/7 viewing on AVMA Axon: "Cannabis Use by Staff," and "Diversity, Marginalization, and Intersectionality."


AVMA Ambassador Program puts members on the front line
The AVMA Political Action Committee
An estimated 17 historically black colleges and universities have preveterinary or related programs, but relatively few students pursue veterinary college
The Student AVMA released a revised version of its duty-hour guidelines in May
From Medicare reform to managed care to the opioid epidemic, the National Academies of Practice has taken on top issues in interprofessional health care since its founding in 1981 as an organization to advise governmental bodies
Kansas State University has appointed Dr. Bonnie Rush (Ohio State '89) as the new dean of its College of Veterinary Medicine in June
Global animal health leaders urged improved readiness for disasters and harmful trends, updated rabies standards, and pledged to organize against African swine fever
Over the objections of many in the veterinary community, New York lawmakers in June banned the declawing of cats, making New York the first state to outlaw the procedure
Bats are responsible for roughly seven in 10 rabies deaths among people who are infected with the rabies virus in the United States
National Check the Chip Day is Aug. 15



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