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Dog Bite Risk and Prevention: The Role of Breed
Dogs Traveling in Truck Beds
Salmon: A Primer
Welfare Implications of Beak Trimming
Welfare Implications of Canine Devocalization
Welfare Implications of Castration of Cattle
Welfare Implications of Declawing of Domestic Cats
Welfare Implications of Deer Velvet
Welfare Implications of Dehorning and Disbudding Cattle
Welfare Implications of Ear Cropping-Dogs
Welfare Implications of Electroimmobilization
Welfare Implications of Elephant Training
Welfare Implications of Foie Gras Production
Welfare Implications of Gestation Sow Housing
Welfare Implications of Horse Tail Modifications
Welfare Implications of Hot-Iron Branding and Its Alternatives
Welfare Implications of Induced Molting of Layer Chickens
Welfare Implications of Laying Hen Housing
Welfare Implications of Leghold Trap Use in Conservation and Research
Welfare Implications of Ovariectomy in Cattle
Welfare Implications of Swine Castration
Welfare Implications of Tail Docking of Cattle
Welfare Implications of Tail Docking of Lambs
Welfare Implications of Tail Docking-Dogs
Welfare Implications of Teeth Clipping, Tail Docking and Permanent Identification of Piglets
Welfare Implications of the Use of Beta Agonists
Welfare Implications of The Use of Electro-Muscular Disruptive Devices or "TASER (R) Devices" on Animals
Welfare Implications of Thoracic Compression
Welfare Implications of Veal Calf Husbandry
Air Travel and Short-Nosed Dogs FAQ
Animal Health SmartBrief FAQ
Anthrax FAQ
Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance FAQ
Avian Influenza FAQ
Avian Influenza in Companion Animals FAQ
Avian Influenza in People FAQ
Avian Influenza: Physicians FAQ
Avian Influenza: Veterinarians FAQ
AVMA Membership Dues Renewal FAQ
Bed Bugs and Pets FAQ
Canine Influenza FAQ
Canine Parvovirus Type 2c FAQ
Canine Respiratory Coronavirus FAQ
Canine Tail Docking FAQ
Circovirus in Dogs FAQ
Compounding: FAQ for Veterinarians
Ear Cropping and Canine Otitis Externa FAQ
Education and the AVMA COE: FAQ
Extralabel Drug Use and AMDUCA: FAQ
Fellowships at the AVMA: FAQ
Flea and Tick Treatments: EPA's Investigation of Spot-On (FAQ)
Foreclosed Homes and Pets FAQ
Future Leaders Program FAQ
Governance of the AVMA, and the Report of the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation (FAQ)
H1N1 Flu Virus FAQ
H1N1 Flu Virus: For Pet Owners (FAQ)
H1N1 Flu Virus: For Veterinarians (FAQ)
Humane Society VMA and AVMA: FAQ
IRS Regulations on Taxing Medical Devices FAQ
Meetings & CE Calendar FAQ
Microchipping of Animals FAQ
Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act FAQ
MRSA and Animals FAQ
Plague FAQ
Prescriptions and Pharmacies: For Pet Owners (FAQ)
Prescriptions and Pharmacies: For Veterinarians (FAQ)
Raw Pet Foods and the AVMA's Policy: FAQ
Salmonella: Amphibians and Reptiles (FAQ)
Salmonella: Dry Pet Foods and Pet Treats (FAQ)
Santa's Veterinarian Answers Kids' Questions about Santa's Reindeer
Senior Pet Care (FAQ)
Soring in Horses
Student Exchange Programs (IVSA) FAQ
Traveling with Your Pet FAQ
Unwanted Horses and Horse Slaughter FAQ
Vaccination (FAQ)
VCC: Employers' FAQ
VCC: Job Seekers' FAQ
Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) FAQ
Veterinary Technician Education and the CVTEA: FAQ
VMAT: The AVMA's Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (FAQ)
WebMD's Pet Health Community and the AVMA: FAQ
Zoonotic Diseases and Pets FAQ

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AVMA Report on Veterinary Compensation
AVMA Report on Veterinary Practice Business Measures
2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook
AVMA Membership
First Year Employment
U.S. Pet Ownership
U.S. Veterinarians
Veterinary Specialists
Reference Guides
Animal Welfare: Responsibility & Opportunity
Aquatic Medicine
CVI Quick Reference: Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
Disaster Preparedness
Diversity & Inclusion
Food Supply Veterinary Medicine
Human-Animal Bond
One Health
Animal Abuse Response
Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA)
Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance
Aquatic Medicine
Biomedical Research
Canine Circovirus
Clarification Regarding Substitution of Previcox® for Equioxx®
Cultural Competency: What is it and How Can I Become More Competent?
Disease Precautions for Dog Walkers
Dogs' Social Lives and Disease Risks - Tips for Canine and Human Safety
Extractive Industries
FDA Warns About Inadvertent Exposure of Children and Pets to Human Estrogen Hormone Products
Flea and Tick Products in Pets: Advice on Using Safely
Hunters and disease risks
Hurricane preparedness and response
Important Resources for Veterinarians
Money tips for caring pet owners
Nutrition Matters: Communicating the Value of Nutrition in Pet Health
Outdoor Enthusiasts and Their Companion Animals
Pandemic Preparedness for Veterinarians
Pathways to U.S. Veterinary Licensure
Phosphine product precautions
References for the AVMA 's Policy on Raw or Undercooked Animal-Source Protein in Cat and Dog Diets
Regulating Animal Food/Feeds, Feed Additives and Drugs: FDA Resources
Reporting Adverse Events
Salmonella - Animals as Sources of Infection in People
Soring Horses: Unethical Practice Making Horses Suffer
Vaccinations: What to expect after your pet's vaccination
VCPR: The Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship
Veterinary Compliance with the DEA and the Controlled Substances Act
Veterinary Prescriptions
Wildlife Decision Tree
Workplace Hazard Communications
20/20 Vision Commission Report (2011)
2013 US Veterinary Workforce Study
Antimicrobial Use - Discussions of the Task Force (2010)
Dog Bite Prevention - A Community Approach (2001)
Food Supply Veterinary Medicine Coalition Report (2006)
Foreign Accreditation - Report of the AVMA Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation
Global Veterinary Activities - Report on AVMA's Current Role (2011)
Governance and Member Participation Task Force Report
International Opportunities to Promote the AVMA Strategic Plan (2009)
One Health - OHITF Final Report (2008)
Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force (2001 Report)
Veterinary Internships - Task Force Report (2011)
VMA Resource Center
Tools for K-12 Educators

Public Resources

Your Veterinarian
Pet Care
Animal Travel and Transport
Responsible Pet Ownership
Dog Bite Prevention
Money Tips for Caring Pet Owners
Importance of Wellness Exams
Canine Parvovirus
Canine Distemper
What to Expect After Your Pet's Vaccination
Spaying & Neutering
Low-cost Spay/Neuter
Senior Pets
Emergency Care
Animal Welfare: A Human Responsibility
Veterinary Careers
Public Health