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 Veterinary students receive continued support for chapter program

(SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) September 2, 2015 –The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is announcing that it has teamed with the AVMA Group Health and Life Insurance Trust (GHLIT), AVMA Professional Liability and Insurance Trust (PLIT) and Student AVMA (SAVMA) in providing continued financial support for the Achieving, Leading, Learning (ALL) for Students program in the 2015-2016 academic year. The AVMA, AVMA GHLIT and AVMA PLIT will each contribute $100,000 to the program while SAVMA will contribute $33,000, for a grand total of $333,000 in funding that will be distributed among the 35 Student Chapters of the AVMA (SCAVMAs) and one associate organization in the SAVMA House of Delegates.

The ALL for Students program began in 2013 as a joint initiative between the AVMA, AVMA insurance trusts and SAVMA to provide financial support to the SCAVMAs in the categories of professional development, leadership, wellness and community outreach.

"The ALL For Students funding could not have come at a better time for our chapter. We have had to make some major cutbacks in our budget, but the ALL for Students funding has greatly helped to offset this problem," said Ms. Carrie Howe, University of Minnesota SCAVMA president. "The additional income provided by the ALL for Students funding has been pivotal in our ability to provide for our members."

"We are pleased to continue supporting this worthwhile program. It is gratifying to hear about the different ways our veterinary student chapters are using the money to benefit their student members and support programming which includes wellness initiatives, professional development speakers and travel stipends, as well as leadership training and community service events. The AVMA and AVMA insurance trusts are committed to veterinary students and the future of our profession," said Dr. Derrick Hall, AVMA lead assistant director for student initiatives.

SAVMA was created in 1969 as the national organization of veterinary students, which has enabled individual SCAVMAs to function effectively as a single unit on the national level. Its objective is to introduce veterinary students to the concept of organized veterinary medicine; to promote, enhance and support professionalism and veterinary medical education; and to encourage the development and empowerment of students as leaders in the profession of veterinary medicine and the community as a whole. The mission of SAVMA is to enhance the veterinary profession, to educate the public and to promote contact and exchange of ideas between veterinary students, veterinarians and the parent organization, the AVMA. It is comprised of 35 student chapters (30 in the United States, one in Canada, two in the Caribbean and two in the United Kingdom) at accredited veterinary medical schools/colleges and one student association organization in the Caribbean, representing a total of over 15,000 veterinary student members and associate members. SAVMA has voting representation in the AVMA House of Delegates, the principal body within the association responsible for establishing policy and providing direction for matters related to veterinary medicine.

"It is important for our students to have the resources necessary to prepare them as tomorrow’s leaders in veterinary medicine. This funding will enable the ALL for Students program to continue providing critical services to our students as they prepare to embark on a career in veterinary medicine, and equip them with the tools they need to succeed," said Ms. Jessica Carie, SAVMA president.

Established in 1957, the AVMA GHLIT provides insurance products customized to the unique needs of veterinarians and their dependents. In addition to its cornerstone products of life insurance and disability income protection, it offers ancillary lines of coverage such as professional overhead expense, hospital indemnity, supplemental income, rabies prophylaxis, dental/vision and major medical benefits. Additionally, a full suite of products has been developed specifically to meet the needs of veterinary students.

"As veterinary medicine continues to evolve, veterinary students will need to be kept abreast of ongoing advances and given a hands-on approach in helping shape the future of the profession. These students need – and deserve – our support, and we are happy to contribute to the continued success of the ALL for Students program," said Ms. Libby Wallace, AVMA GHLIT chief executive officer.

For more than 50 years, the AVMA PLIT has been protecting veterinarians and veterinary students through it all. The comprehensive insurance solutions available through the PLIT program are truly unique in the marketplace with unmatched features and benefits. AVMA members can secure insurance coverage for workers’ compensation, business property and liability, employment practices liability, flood, professional liability, veterinary license defense and much more. SAVMA members can secure student liability and personal insurance products (home, renters and auto). In addition, the PLIT now sponsors the cost of student liability insurance for SAVMA members.

"We value and appreciate that veterinary students are so key to the future of the veterinary profession, so we want to do everything we can to support and guide them through school and into their careers," said Dr. Janet Dee Donlin, AVMA PLIT chief executive officer. "ALL for Students is a strong, robust program. Students will benefit from learning leadership and communication skills, which in turn protects their personal investment in their veterinary career. We are pleased to provide significant financial support and to build a relationship with the next generation of veterinarians."

The AVMA recognizes the time and effort veterinary students are putting into their education. With a need for trained veterinarians to protect animal and human health, the AVMA strongly believes in providing support to students to help ensure a solid start to their career. In addition to ALL for Students funding, the AVMA supports student chapters in a variety of other ways: by providing AVMA staff support to the SAVMA and the SCAVMAs, by providing funding for the SAVMA Educational Symposium and the SCAVMA Leadership Conference, and by supporting the AVMA vice president on visits to the student chapters at accredited colleges and schools of veterinary medicine.

For more information, please contact Michael San Filippo, AVMA senior media relations specialist, at 847-285-6687 (office), 847-732-6194 (cell) or

(Pictured in the accompanying photo of the official check presentation, left to right: Ms. Jessica Carie, SAVMA president; Ms. Libby Wallace, AVMA GHLIT chief executive officer; Dr. Janet Dee Donlin, AVMA PLIT chief executive officer; Ms. Denae Campanale, University of Florida SCAVMA president; Dr. Rebecca Stinson, AVMA vice president; Mr. Jonathan Ferrari, University of Pennsylvania SCAVMA president)

(Photo courtesy of Scott Nolen, AVMA senior news reporter)

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