Story Ideas - Household Hazards and Poisons

Did you know that raisins and grapes can kill a dog? Did you know that lilies are poisonous to cats, capable of killing at even small doses? Did you know macadamia nuts can cause lower body paralysis in dogs? Did you know that some of the most potent poisons for pets are actually human pain killers? Most Americans have no idea that there are so many things commonly found in a home that can be poisonous to pets—from the foods that they enjoy to garden chemicals and prescription drugs. That's why the AVMA encourages journalists to publish stories that tell pet lovers the truth about household hazards for cats, dogs and other pets. Journalists can put together an article about household hazards quickly and easily as all the research needed is right on our website. And to make your story as gripping and useful to the public as possible, the AVMA offers free use of an informative video that can be downloaded from our Media Library (at Household Hazards and Poisons). Please feel free to post it alone or with your story.


Dr. Steven Hansen, veterinary toxicologist and director of ASPCA's Poison Control Center

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