Story Ideas - Food Safety in America

Americans are more concerned than ever about the safety of their food. Recent events in the news—including deadly chemicals contaminating pet foods, eggs, milk and even candy—have heightened those concerns. But food safety isn't a simple task, or even a single task. It is a monumental endeavor comprised of a number of different jobs that must be completed correctly to ensure the safety of food. It requires that there be enough veterinarians in the field to keep food animals healthy and working as food safety inspectors. Also, it requires information from FARAD—a database that helps veterinarians keep drugs and other contaminants out of the nation's food supply. Food safety is a concern today, but if it doesn't receive the attention it deserves, it could be a true crisis tomorrow.


Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO
Dr. Mark Lutschaunig, head of the AVMA Government Relations Division

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