Animal Fighting - Story Ideas

Americans deserve praise for roundly rejecting animal fighting. Over the past decade, new laws have been passed in Congress and state legislatures, making animal fighting illegal in all 50 states. It's also illegal to transport animals across state borders for the purpose of animal fighting, and penalties have increased for participating in animal fighting. Today, local communities and law enforcement are working to stamp out illegal animal fighting, while rescue agencies work to retrain animals that were once bred for this blood sport. The AVMA has been involved in the battle to stamp out animal fighting on the federal and state levels.


Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO
Dr. Gail Golab, head of AVMA animal welfare and the only credentialed veterinary animal welfare specialist in America
Adrian Hochstadt, head of AVMA state legislative and regulatory affairs
Dr. Mark Lutschaunig, head of the AVMA Government Relations Division

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