Speeches - Veterinary workforce - AVMA President Address to the USAHA/AAVLD President's Reception

November 7, 2005

Thank you Dr. Rhodes. It is an honor to be part of the 109th Annual Meeting of the United States Animal Health Association.

The AVMA is delighted, not only be a part of this meeting, but also to participate as an allied member organization of USAHA.

In addition to our working relationship with USAHA, the AVMA is actively pursuing other opportunities to enhance Food Animal Veterinary Medicine.

For example, the AVMA is participating in the Food Supply Veterinary Medicine Coalition along with 8 other organizations.

The Coalition's first major project is a comprehensive study on the need for food animal veterinarians. Final results are expected later this year.

If those results are as expected, the study will be used to support AVMA's lobbying efforts on behalf of the National Veterinary Medical Services Act and the Veterinary Workforce Expansion Act, both of which will greatly enhance and expand the numbers and capabilities of veterinarians involved in food animal health and production.

I intend to do everything I can to support the passage of those pieces of legislation, and look forward to working with each of you, and the USAHA, to ensure that the important role we play in guaranteeing animal and human health is recognized world wide.

Thank you.