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 Renowned veterinary professionals, feline advocate recognized with 2017 AVMA awards

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is pleased to present their 2017 excellence awards to the following individuals whose contributions have made a positive lasting impression on veterinary medicine and improved the health and welfare of people and animals:

  • AVMA Lifetime Excellence in Research Award—Dr. Patricia Ann Conrad
  • AVMA Career Achievement Award—Dr. Darryl Millis
  • AVMA Clinical Research Award—Dr. Michael Lappin
  • AVMF and Winn Feline Foundation Research Award—Dr. Duncan Lascelles
  • AVMA President's Award—Dr. Richard DeBowes, Dr. Kit Flowers, and Dr. Kathy Ruby
  • AVMA Public Service Award—Dr. Valerie Ragan
  • AVMA Meritorious Service Award—Dr. Bruce Kaplan
  • AVMA XII International Veterinary Congress Prize—Dr. Andrew Clark
  • AVMA Animal Welfare Award—Dr. Johann Coetzee
  • AVMA Humane Award—Ms. Joan Miller
  • AVMA Award—Dr. L. Garry Adams

"These outstanding individuals represent the best and the brightest in veterinary medicine", said Dr. Tom Meyer, AVMA president. "From public service to private practice, research to education, and policy to advocacy, their achievements have influenced every facet of the veterinary profession. We are proud to recognize them and their valuable work, and thank them for their contributions in advancing the health and well-being of both animals and people across the globe."

The awards are presented throughout the AVMA Convention held July 21-25 in Indianapolis. Veterinarians from across the globe in every aspect of veterinary medicine are gathering at the crossroads of America to share knowledge and honor their colleagues. Members of the media are encouraged to visit for convention details.

Visit for more details on the AVMA's Veterinary Excellence Awards program.

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