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 Dr. Andrew A. Clark awarded 2017 AVMA XIIth International Veterinary Congress Prize

Dr. Andrew A. Clark(INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana)—The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has named Dr. Andrew A. Clark recipient of its 2017 XIIth International Veterinary Congress Prize. This award is given annually in recognition of outstanding service and contribution to international understanding of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Clark, who received the award during the Global Health Summit Reception at AVMA Convention 2017, is recognized for his significant achievements in the development of animal health programs and procedures in Africa and the Middle East.

"Dr. Clark has been absolutely instrumental in improving the safety of animals and humans in underdeveloped African countries," said Dr. René Carlson, AVMA Director of International Veterinary Affairs and the World Veterinary Association President. "For decades, he has worked alongside local communities and U.S. and foreign government agencies to initiate programs that are both practical and easy to implement. Whether he is growing animal health awareness, developing vital standards of procedure or securing funding for future projects, Dr. Clark's approach is at once collaborative, deeply respectful and profoundly attuned to the unique needs of the populations he serves. I congratulate Dr. Clark on receiving this well-deserved award and I thank him for the tremendous impact he has had on advancing animal health systems worldwide."

Dr. Clark received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University and began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Tanzania. After his service, Dr. Clark remained in the country, delivering veterinary services to communities around the region for seven years. In 1973 Dr. Clark began more than 20 years of service with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, first serving as field veterinarian and then Oregon state veterinarian. He later spent nearly 10 more years in Africa and the Middle East, working on animal health issues in Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt.

Dr. Clark is internationally recognized for many important contributions to the improvement of livestock disease control in Africa and the Middle East. One of his most significant achievements has been the development of unified standard methods and procedures (SMP) for disease control and cross boundary trade of live animals and products in the Horn of Africa. These guidelines have been adopted by nine countries in the region and are now moving to incorporate countries in west and southern Africa as well. He is also responsible for breaking the cycle of exposure to avian influenza in Egypt through his conception and implementation of innovative container slaughter protocols.

Dr. Clark currently serves as a veterinary disease control specialist for a variety of national and international programs.

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