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 AVMA develops handout to bring well-being activities into the clinical setting

(INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana) The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has launched the Wheel of Well-being, a handout focusing on activities that can be done in the clinic to help improve the well-being of all members of the veterinary health care team.

"We often hear that there is no time to focus on well-being, especially in the clinical setting, and our goal is to help break down those barriers," said AVMA President Dr. Tom Meyer. "The Wheel of Well-being focuses on small activities that can deliver noticeable benefits."

These activities can be done in groups – at team meetings, for example – or if a team member needs a private moment.

"The overall idea is that we want to help lay the groundwork for each clinic to implement its own well-being culture," Meyer said. "Hopefully, the wheel will get their creative juices flowing and they will come up with well-being activities of their own."

The Wheel of Well-being is a two-sided circular handout. The front side lists physical activities. Minutes are indicated along the edges, which reflect how long each activity will take. The back side lists ​emotional and social activities, with their recommended minute allotment along the edges.

Wellness is a lingering issue in the veterinary profession, and the AVMA has committed new energy and resources to helping find ways to improve the well-being of its members. While the AVMA already provides robust resources on the wellness page of its website (, the Wheel of Well-being is a great new way to deliver the information to as many individuals as possible, Meyer added.​

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