JAVMA Staff   AVMA Officers Business Information
Dr. Kurt J. Matushek,
Dr. Craig A. Smith,
Associate Editor
Dr. Helen L. Simons,
Associate Editor

Dr. Gussie J. Tessier,
Associate Editor

Dr. Sandra L. Lefebvre, Associate Editor

Dr. Rosemarie Seymour,
Assistant Editor
Dr. Roxanne Pillars,
Assistant Editor

Dr. Kristi Henderson,
Assistant Editor

Dr. Bruce G. McLaughlin, Adjunct Editor


Susan C. Kahler,
Senior News Editor

R. Scott Nolen,
Senior News Reporter

Katie Burns

Senior News Reporter

Malinda Larkin,
Senior News Reporter

Greg Cima,
Senior News Reporter

Anita Suresh,
News Assistant Reporter

Administrative Staff 

Merri B. Benney,
Senior Assistant to the

Carol J. Obodzinski,
JAVMA Administrative Asst.







Nicholas T. De Luca,
Managing Editor

Justin D. DeAre,
Publications Technology Specialist

Julie L. McLearen,

Senior Production Coordinator

Victor Schultz,

Senior Copy Editor

Tram T. Le,
Copy Editor
Lindy J. Paczak,
Copy Editor


Michelle A. Krieger,

Copy Editor

Christina M. Banks,
Display Advertising Associate

Rebecca Harris,
Online Editorial Assistant

Mark A. Williamson,
Advertising and Subscription
Fulfillment Associate

Rita E. Donnelly,
Advertising and Subscription
Fulfillment Associate



Diane A. Fagen,


Graphic Design

Cheryl A. Atkins,

Assistant Director,

Creative Services


Justin D. Murray,

Graphic Desiger


Gina Urso,

Graphic Designer


Michele L. Morin,

Production Designer







Dr. Michael J. Topper,
Dr. John H. de Jong,
Dr. Stacy L. Pritt,
Vice President
Dr. Arnold L. Goldman,
Dr. Thomas F. Meyer,
Immediate Past President
Dr. Michael L. Whitehair,
Chair, Board of Directors
Dr. Gary S. Brown,
Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Dr. Janet D. Donlin,
Executive Vice President
Dr. David E. Granstrom,
Assistant Executive Vice President
AVMA District Directors  
Dr. Karen M. Bradley,
District I
Dr. Michael Q. Bailey,
District II
Dr. Jan K. Strother,
District III
Dr. José V. Arce,
District IV
Dr. Gary S. Brown,
District V
Dr. Ronald E. Gill,
District VI
Dr. John A. Howe,
District VII
Dr. Lori M. Teller,
District VIII
Dr. Michael L. Whitehair,
District IX
Dr. George W. Bishop,
District X
Dr. Rena Carlson-Lammers,
District XI
Editorial Office
1931 N Meacham Rd, Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360
Phone: 847-925-8070, ext 6752
Fax: 847-925-9329
E-mail: JAVMA@avma.org
Website: www.avma.org/journals

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For information on display advertising, contact Mark E. Reynolds at Media Communications Inc (phone, 913-541-9995; e-mail, mreynolds@avma.org).

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For information on classified advertising, contact our Classified Ad Department (phone, 800-248-2862, ext 6639 or 6640; fax, 847-925-9329; e-mail, classad@avma.org).

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