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Sequence of publication—The JAVMA is published twice a month.

Once a manuscript has satisfied all reviewer concerns and passed peer review, a provisional letter of acceptance will be issued. Final acceptance is contingent on the authors responding meaningfully to suggestions and questions raised by the editor at the time of editing. Manuscripts are typically processed for publication in the order that they pass peer review, except that manuscripts dealing with emerging or zoonotic diseases or biodefense are prepared for publication as soon as they pass peer review. Adherence to these author instructions and expedient revision and return of manuscripts will minimize time from submission to publication. The interval to the editing stage will vary depending on the number of manuscripts already in line for editing at the time of provisional acceptance.

All manuscripts are subject to editing by a scientific editor prior to publication. Editing changes are made to maintain consistency, improve clarity, smooth transitions, or make the report more understandable for the journal's general readership. Other changes are made to comply with the journal's editorial style, such as placement of superscript numbers and letters, use of abbreviations, and formatting of footnotes and references. During editing, questions may emerge regarding the intended meaning of terms or phrases and information that appears to be missing.

The edited manuscript is returned to the corresponding author to address any editor queries and ensure that editorial changes are accurate and acceptable. Authors should carefully and thoroughly review the edited manuscript, make any necessary changes, and upload the final version to the journal's online manuscript tracking system. Manuscripts will then be forwarded to the journal production staff for copyediting, layout, and assignment to an issue. A letter of final acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author at this time, followed by a galley proof approximately 4 to 6 weeks later. The galley proof will be sent via e-mail to the corresponding author (or designee, if alternate arrangements have been made) for approval. Galley changes must be returned within 48 hours. Changes should be limited to those that affect the accuracy of the information presented.

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