JAVMA Instructions for Authors - Peer-review process


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Peer-review process—
The JAVMA reserves the right to reject any manuscript. Manuscripts submitted to the Scientific Reports section are subject to peer review, as are didactic exercises, case discussions, reviews of clinical topics, and features sponsored by specialty colleges or academies submitted to the Veterinary Medicine Today section. Commentaries may also be sent for review, depending on the subject. Manuscripts are reviewed initially by an AVMA scientific editor. Because of the large volume of manuscripts submitted to the journal, manuscripts are classified by the editors on the basis of priority for publication, and those not judged to be of sufficient priority are rejected promptly. Manuscripts considered for publication are sent to a minimum of 2 experts for external peer review. Instructions provided to the external reviewers are available on the AVMA website for authors' perusal. Identity of peer reviewers is kept confidential; identity of authors is not.


Authors are expected to respond to reviewer comments and make appropriate revisions within 30 days. Revised manuscripts may be reviewed again. Manuscripts that pass peer review are accepted for publication provided that authors respond meaningfully to questions and concerns raised by an AVMA scientific editor. For manuscripts that are rejected, hard copies of the text and any accompanying materials will not be returned to the authors.


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