JAVMA Instructions for Authors - Theriogenology Question of the Month



The purpose of the Theriogenology Question of the Month feature is to provide readers with clinically relevant information relating to the evaluation and treatment of animals with reproductive and obstetrical problems and genital diseases. Contributions should provide a learning exercise about theriogenology. Possible topics include commonly seen problems in domestic or exotic animals. Herd problems in dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and exotic hoofstock; problems in kennels or catteries; or flock problems in domestic or exotic fowl are also appropriate.

Manuscripts submitted for this feature should typically be organized under the following headings: History, Question, Answer, Results, Discussion, and Outcome. The History section should provide sufficient information in regard to the specific problem addressed that the readers could reasonably determine the best solution or next logical step. Signalment, medical history, physical examination findings, and laboratory test results should be provided as needed. The Question section should pose a specific question for readers to consider. The Answer section should directly and briefly answer the question posed. The Results section should include the clinical course and relevant follow-up information. The Discussion section should provide adequate assessment of the problem and possible alternative solutions. The Outcome section should provide the disposition for the animal or animals. Pertinent references (minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8) should be cited.

The feature is intended as a learning exercise for readers. Therefore, 2 copies of diagnostic images should typically be provided. One should not contain any identifying marks; the other should contain arrows or other symbols that identify important features.

Authors should follow all general guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission, including guidelines for preparation of electronic copies of figures, provided in the Instructions for JAVMA Authors. For additional information, please contact Dr. Craig A. Smith by telephone (847-925-8070 or 800-248-2862, ext 6764) or e-mail (csmith@avma.org). The Theriogenology Question of the Month feature is published in cooperation with the American College of Theriogenologists.