JAVMA Instructions for Authors - ECG of the Month



The purpose of the ECG of the Month feature is to provide readers with clinically relevant information relating to the practice of veterinary cardiology, focusing on the evaluation and interpretation of ECG findings. Readers are invited to submit interesting cases in which ECG examination findings were integral to the diagnosis of the disease or condition.

The text for manuscripts submitted for this feature should begin with a brief description of the case, followed by sections organized under the headings ECG Interpretation and Discussion. The text should include patient signalment, a short description of the patient's history, relevant physical examination and laboratory findings, ECG findings and their implications for diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and discussion of the case and disease in general. At least 1 (maximum of 3) figure incorporating relevant ECG tracings (and possibly ladder diagrams) should be provided. Important features of the ECG tracing should be indicated in the image, and the figure legend should identify relevant features and abnormalities and include details regarding ECG lead, paper speed, and voltage calibration. Because the feature is limited to 3 pages in the journal, the text should be no longer than approximately 1,400 words, depending on the number of figures and references.

Authors should follow all general guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission, including guidelines for preparation of electronic copies of figures, given in the Instructions for JAVMA Authors. For additional information, please contact Dr. Helen L. Simons by telephone (847-925-8070 or 800-248-2862, ext 6692) or e-mail (hsimons@avma.org).