JAVMA Instructions for Authors - Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice



The purpose of the Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice feature is to provide readers with clinically relevant information relating to the practice of veterinary dentistry, focusing on the evaluation and interpretation of diagnostic images. Most often, images should be limited to radiographs. However, color photographs and computed tomographic, magnetic resonance, and ultrasonographic images may be included if they were essential to the diagnosis. The text for manuscripts submitted for this feature should be organized under the following headings: History and Physical Examination Findings, Diagnostic Imaging Findings and Interpretation, Treatment and Outcome, and Comments. The History and Physical Examination Findings section of the manuscript should provide patient signalment, a short description of the patient's history, relevant physical examination and laboratory findings, and results of a complete oral examination. The Diagnostic Imaging Findings and Interpretation section should describe all pertinent abnormalities in the images provided and list the radiologic diagnosis or differential diagnoses considered on the basis of the diagnostic imaging findings. The Treatment and Outcome section should briefly describe the treatment provided, clinical course, and condition at last follow-up examination. The Comments section should discuss pertinent aspects of the clinical condition and explain what role diagnostic imaging had in determining the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

The feature is intended to be a learning exercise for readers. Therefore, 2 copies of diagnostic images should be provided. One should not contain any identifying marks; the other should contain arrows or other labels and symbols identifying the important abnormalities. Because the feature is limited to 2 pages in the journal, the text should be no longer than approximately 3 double-spaced typed pages (approx 750 words). Pertinent references should be provided, but should rarely exceed 6 or 7 in number.

Authors should follow all general guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission, including guidelines for preparation of electronic copies of figures, given in the Instructions for JAVMA Authors. For additional information, please contact Dr. Rose Seymour by telephone (847-925-8070 ext 6698 or 800-248-2862, ext 6698) or e-mail (rseymour@avma.org). The Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice feature is published in cooperation with the American Veterinary Dental College.