JAVMA Instructions for Authors - What Is Your Diagnosis?


The purpose of the What Is Your Diagnosis? feature is to provide readers an opportunity to evaluate and interpret radiographs and other types of diagnostic images. Readers are invited to submit interesting cases in which an imaging modality was integral to the diagnosis of the disease or condition.

The text for manuscripts submitted for this feature should be organized under the following headings: History, Radiographic Findings and Interpretation (or, Diagnostic Imaging Findings and Interpretation), Treatment and Outcome, and Comments. The History section of the manuscript should be brief and include pertinent clinical and laboratory findings. The Radiographic Findings and Interpretation (or, Diagnostic Imaging Findings and Interpretation) section should describe all pertinent abnormalities in the images provided and list the diagnosis or differential diagnoses considered on the basis of the diagnostic image findings. The Treatment and Outcome section should provide a brief description of the clinical management and outcome of the case; this section should contain approximately 3 to 5 sentences. A brief discussion of the differential diagnoses, treatment, and outcome of the case should be provided in the Comments section. The Comments section should focus on how the imaging technique was useful in obtaining the diagnosis, rather than on the disease or condition itself. Contributors are encouraged to discuss features of the images that contributed to making the diagnosis. Because the feature is limited to 3 printed pages in the journal, submissions should be no longer than 4 to 5 double-spaced typed pages, and references should rarely exceed 5 or 6 in number.

Because this feature is intended to be a learning exercise for readers, 2 sets of images should be provided. The first should not contain any identifying marks. The second should include arrows or other labels identifying the important abnormalities. If diagnostic images consist of radiographs, orthogonal views should be provided.

Authors should follow all general guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission, including guidelines for preparation of electronic copies of figures, given in the Instructions for JAVMA Authors. For additional information, please contact Dr. Kristi Henderson by telephone (800.248.2862, ext. 6651) or e-mail (khenderson@avma.org). The What Is Your Diagnosis? feature is published in cooperation with the American College of Veterinary Radiology.