JAVMA Instructions for Authors - Animal Behavior Case of the Month



The purpose of the Animal Behavior Case of the Month feature is to provide readers with clinically relevant information on the evaluation and treatment of behavioral problems in animals. The text for manuscripts submitted for this feature should be concise and objective. The manuscript should be organized under the following headings: Statement of the Problem, Signalment, History, Physical Examination Findings and Laboratory Results, Diagnosis, Treatment, Follow-up, and, if necessary, Discussion.
The Statement of the Problem should be a brief, 1- or 2-sentence description of the behavioral problem for which the patient was evaluated. The Signalment should be stated as a single sentence including age, sex, breed, species, and body weight if applicable. The History section should include any pertinent background information related to the patient and the problem for which it was evaluated, and it should be presented in a chronological manner. The Physical Examination Findings and Laboratory Results should describe the examination and any tests performed as part of the patient evaluation. The results, including any abnormal findings, should be summarized in the text; pertinent laboratory abnormalities should include mention of the reference range for the given variables. Tables of test results such as hematologic and serum biochemical values are generally not needed. The Diagnosis portion of the manuscript should include a description of any differential diagnoses, additional steps taken to determine the diagnosis or diagnoses, and rationale for the diagnoses made. The Treatment section should briefly describe the treatment provided (including any medications and recommendations for behavioral monitoring, behavioral modification, and follow-up). The Follow-up section should describe the clinical course of the condition, subsequent alterations to the treatment plan, and condition at last follow-up.
References should be included throughout the text where applicable. Use of quotation marks should be avoided. For purposes of confidentiality, names cannot be included in the text, and objective terms must be used instead.
Authors should follow all general guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission given in the Instructions for JAVMA Authors. For additional information, please contact Dr. Rose Seymour by telephone (847-925-8070, ext 6698 or 800-248-2862, ext 6698) or e-mail (rseymour@avma.org). The Animal Behavior Case of the Month feature is published in cooperation with the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.