JAVMA Information for Reviewers - Factors to consider when evaluating the "What Is Your Diagnosis?" feature

  • How unique was the condition? If not particularly unique, what aspect of the case would justify its publication?
  • Could the diagnosis have been made without use of imaging techniques such as radiography or ultrasonography?
  • Were history and comments adequate without being excessively detailed?
  • Were imaging studies adequate in regard to number of views, technique, and positioning of the animal?
  • Were images free from artifacts? If not, were any artifacts explained?
  • If contrast medium was used, was it used in an acceptable manner? If contrast medium was not used, should it have been?
  • Were changes revealed by the imaging process pathognomonic or should a differential diagnosis have been given? If the latter, was the method by which the diagnosis was confirmed acceptable?
  • If more than the necessary views were submitted, which views best depict the diagnostic features?
  • Most importantly, will subtle but important changes described by the authors survive reproduction?

Factors to consider when reviewing manuscripts

  1. Original Study
  2. Retrospective Study
  3. Clinical Report
  4. What Is Your Diagnosis?

Version: July 27, 2012