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Zoonosis Updates

December 2009

Preface to the Online Edition

Much has happened since the second edition of the Zoonosis Updates from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association was printed in 1995. Most notably, increased concerns about bioterrorism have generated intense interest in zoonotic diseases and the role of veterinary medicine in public health. Additionally, the establishment and growth of the World Wide Web have made possible entirely new means for fast and efficient delivery of information.

Under the continuing guidance of the AVMA Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine, numerous Zoonosis Updates have been published in the JAVMA since the second monograph edition was released, keeping pace with studies of zoonotic diseases as they have developed. The number and scope of these new articles made clear the need for a new monograph of the Zoonosis Updates.

Coincidentally, the emergence of a new online publication from the AVMA made the choice of format clear as well. In April of 2008, the AVMA introduced AVMA Collections, a series of online compilations of articles from the JAVMA and AJVR organized by subject. Ideally suited to monograph development, Collections provides the basis for the online edition of Zoonosis Updates.

This online collection contains all Zoonosis Updates articles published to date since January 2000, as well as additional resources from the AVMA scientific journals that may be of interest. Future articles will be included here as they are published in the AVMA scientific journals, providing a comprehensive resource that continually delivers current, peer-reviewed information on zoonotic diseases.

We hope you find this online edition of Zoonosis Updates a valuable resource.

Helen L. Simons, PhD, DVM
Assistant Editor

Althea A. Jones, DVM
Online Professional Services Editor