June 15, 2007


 Bylaw amendments proposed

Last year, the House of Delegates struck the AVMA Constitution and Bylaws in their entirety and replaced them with amended and restated AVMA Bylaws. Proposed amendments, therefore, now relate only to the AVMA Bylaws because there is no longer a constitution.

This year, the Executive Board is sending three proposed Bylaws amendments to the HOD with recommendations for approval. The texts are being printed in the July 1 JAVMA and are being posted online at least 30 days before the HOD votes, July 14, in accordance with the new Bylaws. View the Proposed Amendments to the AVMA Bylaws (PDF)

It was in April that the board recommended approval of proposed amendment #1. It calls for the HOD to hold a regular winter session in conjunction with the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, in addition to the current regular annual session that is held in conjunction with the AVMA Annual Convention. This amendment resulted from HOD passage of a 2006 resolution submitted by seven state VMAs calling for a winter session. If the HOD approves the amendment, it will hold its first winter session in January 2008.

The board at its June meeting recommended approval of amendments #2 and #3. Amendment #2 would restore information on the seven current AVMA councils to the Bylaws. During preparation of the new Bylaws, the detailed information on each council had been removed and included in the HOD Manual. The board considered two possible versions of amendment #2, ultimately recommending the amendment that includes all relevant council information rather then a version that included only council responsibilities.

Amendment #3, which relates to the same Bylaws article and section as amendment #2, clarifies that the Executive Board does not develop or approve policies and procedures for the Council on Education, in contrast with the other six councils.