August 15, 2000


 Veterinarian wins Fulbright fellowship

Posted Aug. 1, 2000


Dr. Kimberly A. Orr, Baton Rouge, La, was one of eight people from the United States selected to study under a Fulbright Post Baccalaureate Fellowship, and one of 90 US candidates to receive the Graduate International Fellowship under the National Security Education Program of the Academy of Educational Development.

Dr. Orr is a PhD candidate in veterinary medical sciences through the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health in the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She received her DVM degree in 1986 from Texas A&M University.

She received the Fulbright fellowship for her project titled "Use of a Danish dairy database to estimate the effect of sample size on diagnostic test validation." She will spend a year working with Dr. Jens Agger of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Division of Ethology and Health, Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the Graduate International Fellowship, Dr. Orr will spend an academic semester with Dr. Misao Onuma, Hokkaido University, Japan, where she will participate in epidemiologic field research on bovine immunodeficiency virus infection in Japanese cattle.

Dr. Orr is board-certified in the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine.