August 15, 2000


 Red Cross emblem carries protected status

Posted Aug. 1, 2000


Does the signage for your practice or emergency clinic include a red cross on a white field? If so, you are probably in violation of the United States Code.

The American National Red Cross has advised the AVMA that the Red Cross emblem has protected status; yet, unauthorized use by pet clinics and animal emergency organizations is frequent. Violators are subject to a fine and must bear the financial expense of correcting the misuse.

Federal statutes prohibit use of the Red Cross name and emblem except by commercial concerns that had used the name or emblem in connection with their manufacture or sale of a particular product prior to 1905.

The AVMA has complied with the Red Cross directive to discontinue use of the Red Cross emblem on the AVMA Web site. At the same time, the Red Cross acknowledges it is supportive of the efforts of the AVMA and its members to increase animal health and safety awareness.