July 15, 2000


 Vigilant veterinarian honored for spotting screwworms

Posted Jul. 1, 2000 

Dr. Paul Wollenman
Dr. Paul Wollenman on the job

Sometimes the quick, decisive actions of individuals can avert potential disaster. That's precisely what happened when Dr. Paul Wollenman, an equine veterinarian from West Palm Beach, Fla, observed screwworms on a horse imported from Argentina. He reported the situation to the USDA, resulting in intense surveillance and appropriate precautionary measures (see JAVMA, April 15, 2000 and July 1, 2000).

Extensive damage to the equine and livestock industries was prevented, and on the heels of the USDA concluding its investigation, the department honored Dr. Wollenman with a certificate of appreciation.

"We hope that all veterinarians are as vigilant as Dr. Wollenman," said Dr. Ulysses S. Lane, the area veterinarian in charge of Florida, who made the presentation.

Dr. Alfonso Torres, deputy administrator for APHIS Veterinary Services, also commended Dr. Wollenman, saying, "By immediately reporting the situation to us, we were able to get a foothold in Florida. For that, we are grateful."