July 15, 2000


 USP to look at food animal medication practices

Posted Jul. 1, 2000

US Pharmacopeia announced this May it will explore the possibility of developing drug compounding guidelines and drug information monographs to aid veterinarians and pharmacists when they use medications in an extralabel manner.

Of particular interest is how these products affect food animal medication practices. Although veterinarians can prescribe extralabel use of medications, their choices may be limited when sufficient information is not readily available.

Most medicines used in food animals are commercially available preparations approved for the species and indications of use. When no commercial product exists, however, it may be necessary to compound the preparation.

At their quinquennial meeting, Pharmacopeia members adopted a resolution to evaluate the advisability and feasibility of initiatives targeting drug compounding guidelines and extralabel use of medications. The initiatives would be undertaken in collaboration with other organizations as appropriate.

Pharmacopeia provides standards for more than 3,700 drugs and dosage forms for medicines and dietary supplements in the United States. In 1999, Pharmacopeia established Veterinary Medicine Division, a move to broaden its influence on veterinary medical standards.