June 01, 2001


 Johne's consultants to advise committee

Posted May 15, 2001

The Executive Board has authorized consultants on Johne's disease to advise the AVMA Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee during the committee's fall meeting.

Johne's disease is drawing increasing attention, especially because of its economic impact on the dairy and beef industries, and also because of a potential link to Crohn's disease in humans.

The science regarding the potential for Johne's to be a zoonotic disease is unclear, with conflicting data. Regardless, portions of the dairy industry are proposing a federally funded National Voluntary Johne's Management, Testing, Research, and Indemnity Program for Dairy Cattle at a projected cost of $1.3 billion over seven years.

At its February meeting, the AVMA committee extensively discussed various aspects of Johne's disease, and plans at the fall meeting to continue its discussions with a focus on diagnostic capabilities and interpretation of test results.

To provide science-based advice to the Executive Board and AVMA members, the committee asked the board to approve up to three individuals with differing perspectives and recommendations about Johne's to attend the committee meeting. The board agreed.