June 01, 2001


 AVMA maintains support for minor use, minor species bill

Posted May 15, 2001

The AVMA has pledged $80,000 to support passage and implementation of the Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act of 2001.

The AVMA is part of the Minor Use, Minor Species (MUMS) Coalition that is asking Congress for passage of the bill. The AVMA Executive Board approved funding of $40,000 each year for two years on the condition of continued financial support of other coalition members.

Funds are to be used to pay for the lobbyist and to support educational activities that assist the bill's passage and implementation.

Noting the benefits to the profession and society, Dr. Harmon A. Rogers, representing District XI on the board, said, "This is one of the best places for the AVMA to be putting its money right now."

The bill, as introduced in the House and Senate this past year, received a favorable review by the FDA. Reintroduction of the legislation is expected soon.

Provided in the proposed legislation is a unique pathway for approval and marketing of drugs used in minor species and drugs indicated for uncommon uses in major species.

If the bill is passed, incentives will be available to drug companies that make a commitment toward the approval of drugs that would otherwise be too costly to pursue. Additionally, it provides the legal basis for the use of such drugs by veterinarians who might otherwise be forced to use unapproved drugs.

Drug applications for minor species and minor uses would receive "conditional approval" when demonstrated to be safe and have a reasonable expectation of efficacy. This conditional approval would remain until full approval is achieved, within five years.

The bill also includes a provision creating a category of "index drugs" targeted at providing for legal use of drugs in nonfood minor species for which even conditional approval is not economically feasible.