June 01, 2001


 Convention guidelines improved

Posted May 15, 2001

The Executive Board approved five recommendations from the Convention Management and Program Committee.

Several revisions to the Guidelines for Selection of a Convention Site will take effect with the site selection process for 2009. Changes to the section on minimum requirements for a convention site will give AVMA staff more flexibility to balance members' rating of a city with factors such as cost and the need for bussing when facilities are spread out. For example, a headquarters hotel can now be within five rather than three blocks from the convention center, opening the possibility of visiting some popular cities that previously did not qualify.

The mission, objectives, priorities, and goals of the convention were revised to place more emphasis on providing continuing education that meets the needs of all veterinarians and allied professions.

The AVMA is changing its method of relaying information to convention registrants about the recycling and energy conservation policies of hotels in the housing complex. From now on, the AVMA will include each hotel's Web site address in printed housing information, and a link to the site from the AVMA convention Web site. Formerly, print information was provided on the convention housing form.

Each of the 35 convention program coordinators will begin receiving a transportation allowance in 2002. They will be reimbursed for coach airfare or less, in addition to the usual $100 stipend and VIP registration. Coordinators help arrange for quality program speakers. The total additional cost is estimated at $15,750.

Also beginning in 2002, continuing education panel participants will receive a minimum $50 per hour reimbursement. In some cases participants were receiving reimbursement as low as $10 per hour. The total additional cost is about $2,000.