May 01, 2001


 Veterinarians donate supplies to Albania

Posted April 15, 2001


Veterinary books, surgical instruments, and X-ray machines are on their way to the Albanian veterinary college in the capital city of Tirana. The materials were provided through the generosity of Mississippi veterinarians and from colleagues as far away as California.

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty members Dr. Fred Lehman and Dr. Hart Bailey recognized the need for veterinary supplies in Albania when they were consulting on a USAID project administered by the Office of International Programs at MSU.

The Albanian veterinary college has been in existence for 50 years, but experienced nearly total destruction in 1997. Equipment, books, and laboratory resources were stolen or destroyed in civil riots. The country has struggled financially since emerging from Communism in 1989 and has been unable to refurbish or provide new supplies for the college.

The project was a cooperative effort. Mississippi VMA members donated used books and equipment, which were stored and packaged at MSU's veterinary college and shipped by the Office of International Programs.

Dr. Keith Davis, Mississippi VMA president; Joy Odom, Office of International Programs; Dr. Richard Hopper, MVMA Executive Board; Dr. Hart Bailey, MSU faculty; Dr. Fred Lehman, MSU faculty; and Dr. John Thompson, MSU dean.