April 15, 2001


 Young artists sought for cat poster competition

Posted April 1, 2001

Each year, domestic cats allowed to roam outdoors kill birds and small mammals. In addition, these free-roaming cats are in danger of being hit by cars, attacked by dogs and wild animals, poisoned, and contracting disease. The American Bird Conservatory and Wild Bird Centers of America have designated May 12 as National Keep Your Cat Indoors Day, aiming to educate cat owners that both cats and wildlife benefit when cats are kept indoors.

In connection with National Keep Your Cat Indoors Day, the organizations are announcing their second annual nationwide contest to determine the day's 2001 official poster. Veterinarians can pass information about the contest to their families and clients. The competition is open to children ages 6 to12. The deadline for entries is May 1. Winners will be announced May 12.

The poster should depict a happy, safe, indoor cat. The winning entry for the competition will be featured in the local press as well as on the American Bird Conservatory's Web site, www.abcbirds.org. The Wild Bird Centers of America is donating more than $500 in gift certificates as prizes.

For more information, including competition rules, contact Linda Winter, American Bird Conservatory, (202) 452-1535, or Kari Hurlbut, Wild Bird Centers of America, (301) 229-9585.