April 15, 2001


 Rabies vaccine recalled because of potency shortfall

Posted April 1, 2001 

Merial Limited, Merck and Aventis Company, is recalling serial number 12317 of IMRAB 3. The company is recommending discontinuing use, and any remaining doses with the serial number be returned to Merial for a full refund.

Merial is also strongly recommending revaccination of any animal originally vaccinated with IMRAB serial number 12317 that has not received a subsequent rabies booster.

Recent testing of this vaccine has shown that the three-year claim for the prevention of rabies for this serial only cannot be assured. This serial was sold between May and August 1999.

The testing was initiated as a result of a single report in which rabies was diagnosed in an animal that had been previously vaccinated with this product. Although the test results of this serial indicated that dogs could be protected for one year, it no longer met established potency levels for a three-year claim.

IMRAB 3 serial number 12317 was sold as monovalent IMRAB 3 [50 x 1 dose], and in the feline combination vaccines as Feline 3 + IMRAB 3, serial number 66035B-12317 and Feline 4 + IMRAB 3, serial number 64083A-12317.

A statement released from the company stated, "Merial is contacting all customers and is committed to support veterinarians conducting the revaccination effort to ensure its success." The company did not provide any information pertaining to the geographic areas where the vaccination was sold.

For additional information contact Merial Technical Solutions at (888) 846-2340.