April 01, 2001


 WesternU granted letter of reasonable assurance

Posted on March 15, 2001 

The AVMA Council on Education in March granted Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, Calif, a letter of reasonable assurance for its proposed college of veterinary medicine upon determining the veterinary college is on track to being accredited by the council.

The letter signifies the Council on Education is likely to accredit the veterinary college if WesternU continues to demonstrate that its plans for the college will meet or exceed the council's "Standard Requirements for an Accredited or Approved College of Veterinary Medicine."

After twice failing to attain the letter—first in September 1999 and again in February the following year—WesternU sued the AVMA in federal court, claiming restraint of trade and denial of due process in not accrediting its proposed veterinary college.

Just prior to being served with the suit in October, the council had established an ad hoc committee to work with the university to facilitate its reapplication for a letter of reasonable assurance (see JAVMA, Nov 15, 2000, page 1446).

During a scheduled meeting this March, the Council on Education found that WesternU had improved its plan for the proposed college's curriculum and facilities. This determination allowed the council to grant a letter of reasonable assurance.

WesternU was notified of the council's decision March 5.