April 01, 2000


 Dot-com makes $1 million pledge

Posted Mar. 15, 2000

In the single largest corporate commitment made to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation at one time, Pets.com has pledged $1 million to the AVMF over the next three years.

"We're thrilled to have such a high-profile, pet-friendly company make this significant contribution," Dr. R. L. Collinson, AVMF board chairman, said. The three-year pledge will support the Foundation's efforts in veterinary education, human-animal bond studies, and disaster relief. Details regarding the disbursement of the funds are being worked out by the Foundation and Pets.com.

The partnership between the AVMF and Pets.com extends beyond financial support. "The Foundation will be featured on the Pets.com site and in its quarterly magazine sent to more than a million readers," AVMF Executive Director Paul Amundsen said. "This is an incredible opportunity for the Foundation to reach pet owners nationwide."

"The AVMF is a logical fit for us because one of our goals is to grow and support veterinary practice. By partnering with the AVMF to fund scholarships, continuing education, and human-animal bond research, we are working toward our goal," said Dr. Sue Ann Latterman, Pets.com vice president of strategic partnerships.

Citing the tremendous marketing effort supporting Pets.com, Amundsen said exposure for the Foundation will get a much-needed boost as Pets.com's popularity increases. "You can't go anywhere these days without seeing their mascot, Sock Puppet," he said.

For more information, call the AVMF or visit www.pets.com.