April 01, 2000


 The AVMA Biennial Economic Survey coming soon . . .

Posted Mar. 15, 2000

Every two years since 1984, the AVMA has surveyed veterinarians to collect data on professional incomes and practice operations. The time to fill out this survey is fast approaching.

Since last summer's release of the KPMG study "The Current and Future Market for Veterinarians and Veterinary Medical Services in the United States," the economics of the profession has come under growing scrutiny, which makes the AVMA's upcoming survey all the more important.

In early April, the survey package will be sent to a random sample of veterinarians representing all work categories within the United States. Should you receive a survey package, please take the time to fill out the survey completely and accurately. All veterinarians sampled, regardless of their current practice or employment situation, are encouraged to participate.

Once all the surveys are received and the data are compiled, summary results will be published in the JAVMA and on the AVMA Network Web site. Also, comprehensive statistical results will be published in a new edition of "Economic Report on Veterinarians and Veterinary Practices."

To ensure the most accurate and timely information to serve AVMA members, it is vital that a high response rate be achieved.