February 15, 2001


 Poison center promotes safe use of household products

Posted Feb. 1, 2001 

In conjunction with National Poison Prevention Week, March 19-25, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and the Environmental Protection Agency are sponsoring a "Read the Label First" campaign to help veterinarians remind their clients of the dangers household products can pose to pets.

"Veterinarians should take steps to educate pet owners about the importance of reading labels before using any product around pets or in the home," said Dr. Jill Richardson, professional and public relations coordinator with the Animal Poison Control Center.

The center will be distributing "Read the Label First" brochures free of charge to veterinarians through the mail, at veterinary meetings, and on the Web at www.apcc.aspca.org. To receive brochures by mail, call the center at (888) 4-ANI-HELP.