January 15, 2002


 Web-based service will help members monitor legislation

The Executive Board approved enhancing the AVMA Web site with a feature that allows members to track legislation important to veterinarians as the bills move through Congress. This addition, which will be appropriated at $8,000 from the 2003 budget, is expected to be up and running later this year.

The Web-based tracking service the Governmental Relations Division uses to monitor federal legislation now offers an additional service for the AVMA to make available this legislative information to AVMA members on the Association's Web site.

Using the administrative tools available through the service, AVMA staff could compile bills that would appear on the site and provide issue briefs and sample letters to encourage AVMA members to engage Congress on matters affecting the veterinary profession. Members could visit the site to check congressional action taken on bills the AVMA is tracking, check to see whether their representatives have cosponsored that legislation, and find contact information for representatives to facilitate communication about legislation important to the AVMA.

During its fall 2001 meeting, the Legislative Advisory Committee reviewed the service and endorsed the plan to provide the service to AVMA members.

President-Elect Joe M. Howell said he hoped the new endeavor would be monitored to determine whether it is of value to members.