January 15, 2001


 Veterinary technology proposals considered

Posted Jan. 1, 2001 

The Executive Board acted on two recommendations from the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. First, the board approved adding one additional day during a future meeting of the committee (instead of an additional two-day meeting) so the committee can address critical issues facing veterinary technology and the profession.

The KPMG LLP market study indicated that an adequate supply and appropriate use of veterinary technicians are critically important to the continued economic viability of veterinary medicine. The committee will use the extended meeting to develop action strategies.

Second, the board approved a proposed change in the term that describes each accreditation criterion for veterinary technology programs, from "essential" to "standard." The latter more accurately reflects prevailing terminology used within the accreditation community. The board previously approved the same change in Council on Education terminology relating to veterinary school accreditation, and the House of Delegates will consider it as a Bylaws amendment this July.