January 15, 2000


 Dues waived for veterinary victims of Floyd

Posted Jan. 1, 2000

No matter where you live, it was hard to miss the extensive media coverage of the aftermath that Hurricane Floyd inflicted on North Carolina. The AVMA/American Veterinary Medical Foundation Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams were deployed to assist in animal- and veterinary-related incidents, but some veterinarians whose clinics were hit hard by the storms were hit in their pocketbooks as well.

Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney, AVMA vice president and Reidsville, NC resident, encouraged the AVMA Executive Board to help these veterinarians a bit more.

The board approved his recommendation to waive dues for the year 2000, an estimated total of $1,500, for those veterinarians who sustained severe property damage and those veterinary associates who lost their jobs in the state of North Carolina because of Floyd. Eligibility for this waiver was determined by the North Carolina VMA executive board. The AVMA board passed a similar recommendation in 1992 after severe damage was caused by Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Iniki.

"One of the things that makes us a great profession is that we are caring," Dr. Kinnarney said.