January 15, 2000


 American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Posted Jan. 1, 2000

AAZV Officers
Dr. Richard Montali (left) receives the Dolensek Award for exceptional contributions to the care and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife from Dr. James Carpenter, former president of the AAZV.

Event: Annual meeting, Oct 9-14, Columbus, Ohio
Awards: Emil Dolensek Award: Dr. Richard Montali, National Zoo, Washington, DC, for exceptional contributions to the conservation, care, and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife. First Annual Duane E. Ullrey Achievement Award: Dr. Duane Ullrey, in "grateful appreciation for his exceptional achievements in the science of wild animal health and service to AAZV." The Telinject Post-Graduate Manuscript Competition: Dr. Jodie Sherrill for her paper, "Mortality of Common Cuttlefish at the National Zoological Park." The Wildlife Pharmaceuticals/AAZV Student Manuscript Competition, first place: Lauren Howard, for her paper, "Fenbendazole and Albendazole Toxicity in Pigeons and Doves"; second place: Amy Rae Gandolf, for her presentation "Management of a Melting Corneal Ulcer in a Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros." Officers: Dr. Michael Barrie, Oklahoma City, president; Dr. Scott Citino, Yulee, Fla, president-elect; Dr. Ray Wack, Columbus, Ohio, vice president; Dr. Randy Junge, St Louis, secretary; Dr. Nadine Lamberski, Columbia, SC, treasurer; and Dr. Wilbur Amand, executive director Contact: Dr. William Amand, executive director, AAZV, 6 North Pennell Rd, Media, PA 19063; phone, (610) 892-4812; fax, (610) 892-4813; or e-mail, 75634.235@compuserve.com.

AAZV Officers
AAZV officers for 1999-2000: Dr. James Carpenter, immediate past president; Dr. Michael Barrie, president; Dr. Wilbur Amand, executive director; Dr. Scott Citino, president-elect; Dr. Randy Junge, secretary; Dr. Nadine Lamberski treasurer; and Dr. Ray Wack, vice president
Drs. Folwer and Ullrey
Dr. Murray Fowler (left) presents the AAZV Achievement Award to Dr. Duane Ullrey