January 15, 2000


 Member Services committee created

Posted Jan. 1, 2000

A new entity has been initiated to heighten responsiveness to AVMA members' needs.

To enhance the Association's ability to advance the profession and to address its diversity and economic condition, the Executive Board has established a Member Services Committee, effective July 2000.

The committee was a proposal of the Long-Range Planning Committee. As part of a review of all AVMA membership entities, the planning committee also recommended and the board concurred in discontinuing the Membership Enhancement, Recent Graduate, and Honor Roll committees. The planning committee emphasized that these entities' contributions have been valued. Their functions will be incorporated, however, into the more comprehensive Member Services Committee.

Before arriving at its decision, the board devoted considerable time to discussing the merits of whether to continue the Honor Roll Committee or include its function in the new committee. Dr. Harmon A. Rogers, District XI board member, said, "This is a melding of committees, not a discontinuation."

Board chairman, Dr. Leonard M. Tinney, District IV, supported the consolidation, saying, "This is a real opportunity for us to talk to these groups together and bring to the board a singular voice that we can support. The opportunity is better when they're sitting down face to face - the new graduate with problems, the honor roll members with experience and ideas, and single-parent new graduates, who feel they aren't represented."

The new committee will comprise 12 members appointed by the board. The committee's diverse composition reflects its purpose. Members will represent the following: honor roll members (two members), recent graduate members (two members), academic veterinary medicine (one member), nonacademic public sector veterinarian (one member), board-certified specialists (one member), private clinical practice (four members, including at least one practice owner and one employed practice associate), and Student AVMA officer (one).

See related story for details on applying to become a candidate for the new Member Services Committee.